Optimo One for Women

Optimo One for Women

  • Makes lifting more comfortable
  • Eliminates bars digging and rolling in your hands
  • Provides moderate assistance in pressing movements
  • Reinforces proper bench press form
  • Enhances stimulation of the working muscles
  • Reduces joint pressure while exercising
  • Great for both volume and heavy lifts
  • Fits on any bar in 5 seconds
  • Sold in pairs, labeled left and right

Size chart

Optimo One

Inside Diameter:  1.1" / 28mm
Outside Diameter: 1.6" / 41mm
Length: 4.75" / 12cm
Weight: 0.5 lb / 227 g
Material: Silicone, Skin Safe
Guarantee/Warranty: 1-year
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Optimize Your Training. Grab A Better Grip!

Many gym equipment options have straight cylindrical bars and handles, which can place high pressure on a small grip area. This pressure can irritate the ulnar nerve, which runs near the base of the palm by the pinky. When you add weight, this irritation can become even more uncomfortable. Optimo One grips solve this problem.

For example, when performing a barbell bench press, Optimo Pro grips provide more support for your hands and automatically position your wrists in a more ergonomic way, preventing discomfort. The supportive wing cushions also help keep your hands neutral, avoiding imbalances and decreasing strain on your hands, wrists, elbows, and even shoulder joints.

Upgrade your gym equipment with Optimo One grips and enjoy more comfortable, effective workouts.



America's #1 Bar Grips
The Only Bar Grips With an Ergonomic Wing

Transform everyday barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments and plate-loaded machines into kinesthetic bars so you can lift more naturally and effectively.

Trusted by them, designed for you.

These grips are comfortable and allow for less strain on your wrists and other joints.

Coop | Garage Gym Experiment

I notice immediately when I grab it, it takes the pressure off my joints.

Michael Todd | Armwrestling Champion

Key Features


The wing grip increases the hand’s supporting area by distributing pressure over a wider surface and thereby preventing the bar from digging into the palm.


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More dynamic movements help you develop more stabilization and muscle tension. These basic principles have proven to be beneficial in all types of strength training.

From Prototype to an Icon

Thousands of physical therapists and strength coaches trust Optimo. Whether your goal is to rehab a wrist njury and overcome poor form or reduce your risk of injury, trust Optimo will get you there.

Join the movement
How an Idea Revolutionized the Fitness World

We believe that investing in your health should produce positive lifelong returns. Our mission is to equip people with innovative solutions that will reduce discomfort, improve form, and reduce the risk of injury.

Target Each Muscle Group

Grow Arms


- Bicep Curls

- Tricep Extemsions

- Dips

Grow Chest


- Bench Press

- Dumbbell Press

- Cable & Machine Press

Grow Shoulders


- Overhead Press

- Dumbell Shoulder Press

- Machine Shoulder Press

More than just a handle.

Co-developed with hundreds of strength training athletes and ergonomists of the University of Toronto.

More Benefits

Better Grip

Allow you to keep focusing on your workout, without the added stress of slipping or dropping the weights.

Added Wrist Support

Those who suffered from wrist injuries before will find the added wrist support beneficial for their rehabilitation allowing them to keep training. 

Relieve Pressure

Will absorb most of the pressure on your hands. Your wrists will also thank you as the decreased pressure will also cut back on wrist pain.

Lift More

By properly distributing the weight you lift, you’ll be able to work out longer, do more reps and lift more than you would without them.

Questions & Answers

When you hold these in your hands, the experience screams ERGONOMIC. Optimo grips were created to be the most durable, versatile & comfortable grips. Based on the contour features of the hand, our design evenly distributes the load throughout the palm, especially on heavy presses.

Glad you asked! Take a look at our comparison chart to see the differences and find which one is best for you!

We understand hand size and grip strength varies greatly from one person to the next. So it's important to start with correct size. As your strength increases, you will graduate to using a larger diameter. The Optimo Pro is best size for most goals and hand sizes. That being said, if you have smaller hands or weak grip strength you may want to consider the Optimo One.

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