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These grips are comfortable and allow for less strain on my wrists and other joints.

Garage Gym Experiment

I highly recommend you to get a pair and enhance your “gym-toolbox” for more variety and to prevent you from stagnation.

Bernd Stoesslein


The original wing-style grips that transform your workouts. Specially designed to reduce stress on contact points, allowing you to train harder.

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Optimo One - Optimo Fitness Ergonomics

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"I notice immediately it helps reduce pressure on my joints. I use many grips for strength training, but now I can train heavier with OPTIMO Grips which take the tension off my joints."

— Michael Todd
The new


A significantly more grippier surface. A wider wing and a 2.25" outer diameter, every exercise feels new again. The most effective accessory for growing powerful biceps and forearms. Exceptional durability and a leap forward in design.

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