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Optimo Grips were created to be the most durable, versatile and comfortable grips

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Don't only take our word for it. Optimo Grips are used by pro athletes like Michael Todd, the 2019 World Armwrestling League Heavyweight Champion. Watch review video below:

Optimo Grips are a patent pending product that is proudly designed in Canada. They are a contoured grip that can attach to almost any existing equipment found in gyms today. The grip is made up of a unique silicone rubber compound that is flexible, durable, and does not compress when weight is applied. Designed to help relieve pressure and improve grip strength, the grip snaps on immediately and is easy to remove. By changing the angle of your hand placement, it changes your workout entirely.

We are proud to say that thousands of people all over the world are using Optimo Grips. Trust us and get yourself the most ergonomic grips for weight lifting, bodybuilding, and armwrestling.

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