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No more bars digging into your hand

Many novice and professional athletes know the problem when the bar digs into the thumb area and begins to tingle. The hand is a very complex and sensitive part of the body, a lot of nerves running through the wrist, which is a bottleneck and thus a problem zone. Due to the low fat and muscle, the hand is less protected and thus vulnerable to pressure load.

The result of 4 years of R&D introduce the next generation of fitness innovation: Optimo Grips

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Get stronger faster with less strain

Don't only take our word for it.  The Optimo Grips are used by pro athletes like Michael Todd, the 2019 World Armwrestling League Heavyweight Champion.

Love these grips they help so much with my tennis elbow and help with my forearm as well. Worth the money you wont regret it.


They go on and off of my hex dumbbells easily. I bought them to help spread out the load on the palms of my hands to make heavy dumbbell pressing more comfortable and they do just that.

Michael K.

Perfect for workout. I like the shape that which has its purpose to balance the handling of the weights.

Neil P.

These are perfect for aligning your wrists, elbows to shoulders for solid form which reduces injury and long term pain.

B. Lee

I purchased these about a month ago because I was getting pain in my hands from the barbells digging into the thumb on my decline bench press. I added these grips to my workouts and the pain has gone away and my hands and forearms are strengthening and my thumb pain is going away in general. They will strengthen your hands and not put as much wear and tear on them!

Kris M.