Lift Optimally & Reduce Joint Strain
With The World's #1 Grip Strength Device

Hand Support For Weight Lifting

Optimo is a great wing grip device made specifically for weight lifting. You can finally replace your regular grips and gym gloves.

Snaps on to all gym equipment

Optimo snaps on to regular barbells, dumbbells, cable machine attachments, plate loaded machines, and rubber bands immediately and is easy to remove.

Improve Grip Strength & Reduce Strain

Optimo Pro helps you recruit more muscle fibers during medium to heavy lifts. You don't need to do boring, time-consuming grip exercises any more.

Push the limits of what's possible

with the ultimate grip device for strength training.
The new
Optimo Pro

A significantly more grippier surface. A wider wing and diameter, every exercise feels new again. The world’s most ergonomic fat grips for growing bigger biceps and forearms. Exceptional durability and a leap forward in design.

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Minimize strain,
maximize stimuli.
Open your world to a redefined training experience.
The Bestseller
Optimo One

Optimo grips are ergonomically designed to reduce stress on contact points, redefining feel, form and function for a more comfortable experience.

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Workout Library
Training Roadmaps Focused On Your Goals

Trusted by them, designed for you.

These grips are comfortable and allow for less strain on your wrists and other joints.

Cooper | Garage Gym Experiment

I notice immediately when I grab it, it takes the pressure off my joints.

Michael Todd | Armwrestling Champion
Our Mission
We believe that investing in your health should produce positive lifelong returns. Our mission is to equip people with innovative solutions that will eliminate joint strain, improve form, and reduce the risk of injury.


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