Our thick bar grips are designed mainly for pressing and pushing movements. However, you’ll see improvement across all kinds of upper body exercises when training with Optimo, even if it’s not an exercise you use Thick Grips on.

● Bands Chest Press (standing or lying down, bench)
● Bands Flys (standing or lying down, bench)
● Plate Loaded Machine Press
● Cable Flys
● Machine Dips
● Parallel Bars
● Barbell Bench Press
● Dumbbell Bench Press
● Dumbbell Pushups
● Decline Bench Press
● Smith Machine Flat Bench
● Smith Machine Incline Bench
● Smith Machine Shoulder Press

● Dumbbell Military Press
● Seated Dumbbell Press
● Arnold Press
● Barbell Overhead Press
● Bands Shoulder Press (seated or standing)

● Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension
● Dumbbell Incline Overhead Tricep Extension
● Standing overhead one-arm cable triceps extension
● Tricep Dumbbell Kickback
● Overhead EZ bar tricep extension
● V Grip - Cable Overhead Tricep Extension
● Tricep Rope Pushdown
● Lat Bar - Cable Overhead Tricep Extension
● Lying Barbell Tricep Extension (Skullcrushers)
● Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension (Skullcrushers)
● Cable Lying Triceps Extension

● Bands Curl
● Dumbbell Concentration Curl
● Dumbbell Hammer Preacher Curl
● Barbell, Dumbbell, Cable Preacher Curl
● EZ Bar Curl
● Bicep Machine Curl
● Plate Loaded Machine Curl
● Standing Cable Curl
● Single Arm Cable Curl
● Overhead Cable Curl

● Barbell Wrist Curl
● Dumbbell Wrist Curl
● Cable Wrist Curl

WARNING: Never, under any circumstances, should you employ a 'false grip'. Always use thumbs-around grip.