Our Story

Optimo Fitness Ergonomics is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of premium fitness equipment and training accessories. We make our products from continual research fueled by the passion for optimum performance and comfort.

Innovation, excellence, and functionality are synonymous with the Optimo brand.

We are happy and committed to back our manufacturing processes with excellent customer service, product warranty, free shipping, and returns.

With Optimo Fitness Ergonomics, there will always be room to make an improvement in the fitness industry and bring optimum satisfaction to you, our customers.

Product development
It all started in 2016

Pierre is an entrepreneur who lives in Toronto, Canada and is very passionate about weight lifting, especially bodybuilding and powerlifting.

In 2016, during chest training, he experienced pinching in his palm due to supporting hundreds of pounds on the small surface area of the barbell.

As someone who has been lifting for over 15 years, he noticed that many weight lifters complained about wrist discomfort and the bar digging into their hands. Pierre wanted to create a new concept that helps athletes train more ergonomically and innovatively with a winged shape design—the idea for Optimo was born.

Our vision
The Optimo grip

The Optimo Grip is our novel product for the fitness industry, and a product of four years of research and development to help gym enthusiasts reach their goal faster. The premium grip is among the most reviewed and reliable accessory in the industry and has been tested and endorsed by pro athletes.

You can attach it to a wide range of existing gym equipment from barbells to dumbbells, cable attachments, and handles of exercise machines. The Optimo Grip allows you to build strength and size by increasing stability and reducing strain while exercising.

With Optimo Grips, we aim to create the most durable, versatile, and comfortable grips for the industry and give you more engaging workout experience.

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