What diameter do Optimo Grips fit?

The snuggest fit would be for all standard 1" bars.

Does do they fit around a 1" dumbell?

Yes it will fit a handle that is 1” across. 

Do they work for ez bars?

Yes they will.

Do Optimo Grips workout your wrists as well, does it strengthen them?

Yes, to a certain degree. That's not their main function but they do help in working out and straightening the wrist. In addition, they help spread the weight evenly so there is less pressure on individual joints which include your wrists and elbows.

What's the difference between Optimo Grips and fat bar grips?

Optimo Grips are designed to neutralize the forces over the palm using an advanced ergonomic wing design. They provide a more efficient and effective lift that is unparalleled to any other grips on the market. They are thinner and more versatile than Fat Grips. You can use Optimo Grips to build not just bigger forearms and arms but also for many chest, shoulder and back workouts.

Fat bar grips are designed to mimic the axle bar which athletes use to strengthen grip, build bigger forearms and arms. They are not intended to make your lift more weight efficiently and effectively. 

Will these fit on the bowflex 552 dumbbells?


Will these fit on the PowerBlock dumbells?


Will these fit on rubber hex dumbells?