Optimo Grips 1.6"

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The Optimo Grips 1.6" outer diameter are designed for a completely natural hand position on your Olympic barbell or straight grip dumbbell (1.1 inch). Our versatile design balances the forces exerted on the palm during presses, decreasing overall joint strain and increasing muscle activation.

  • OPTIMIZE GRIP ~ The Optimo Grips will instantly improve comfort, form, and control of any regular barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments, and exercise machine handles at your gym for a more engaging workout. Using Optimo Grips is similar to thick grips but more practical with so many more possibilities.
  • VERSATILE TRAINING TOOL ~ These grips will diversify more fitness equipment and engage a variety of target muscle groups including arms, delts, chest, and back. Convert most bars within seconds in 2 easy steps: 1-Spread open the grips, 2-Attach to the bar. Start building more muscle!
  • IMPROVE ERGONOMICS ~ Our unique and patented curved design gives more support and a more natural hand placement on the bar allowing for safer and more effective training. The added "ergonomic wing" provides more surface area where it matters the most.
  • MAINTAIN PROPER FORM ~ Optimo Grips help you maintain proper joint positioning and form while also reducing joint pain in your hands, wrists, fingers, and elbows. This relieves negative fibrous muscle tension so you can safely push through.
  • BUILT TO LAST ~ Made from tough, impact-resistant silicone rubber compound that will endure even your most gruesome of workouts. Whether it is bench press, tricep press downs, cable bar curls, or any other challenging presses, the grip will last through it all.



Brand:  OPTIMO
Grip Type: Ergonomic for Men/Women
Grip Use: Multipurpose, Specialty
Handle Type Straight, Olympic
Inside Diameter:  1.1" / 28mm
Outside Diameter: 1.6" / 41mm
Length: 4.75" / 12cm
Weight: 0.5 lb / 227 g
Material: Silicone Rubber, Skin Safe
Guarantee/Warranty: 1-year

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